Colin® YM1000 Portable Vital Signs Monitor

(Model NSTP)

SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate & Temperature

Simple and straighforward. The YM1000 vital signs monitor is fast and easy to learn and operate. Learn the features from the quick quide in just 15 minutes. Simple, push-button programming and large digital display makes the monitor easy and clear to read.


Real-time monitoring and up to 24 hours tabular trend collection for:

  • Pulse Rate
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)
  • SpO2 (Nellcor™ OXIMAX™)
  • Temperature

Easy-to-use interface
Built-in thermal printer
Battery or AC power operation
4 hour battery operation
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


The YM1000 attaches to a GCX® roll stand, which allows for easy movement between operatories.

Easy Setup

colin YM1000 vital signs monitor accessories 

The YM1000 includes:

  • YM1000 Vital Signs Monitor
  • SpO2 cable
  • Nellcor OXIMAX SpO2 finger sensor
  • Regular and large adult NIBP cuffs with hose
  • 3 rolls thermal printer paper
Colin YM1000 vital signs monitor

STEP 1: Start with the Colin YM1000 Vital Signs Monitor:

YM1000 Vital Signs Monitor

Includes: SpO2 cable, Nellcor adult SpO2 finger sensor, NIBP hose, Regular Adult NIBP cuff, Large Adult NIBP cuff, Oral temperature probe, 3 rolls thermal printer paper

List Price: $2495.00

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GCX Roll Stand with YM1000 mounting attachment

STEP 2: Add GCX Roll Stand with YM1000 Mounting Attachment

The GCX Roll stand is specifically designed to support Colin monitors.

List Price: $399.95

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Replacement and Additional Accessories


Infant NIBP cuff

List Price: $49.95

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Small adult NIBP cuff

List Price: $49.95

    • Qty:

Regular adult NIBP cuff

List Price: $49.95

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Large adult NIBP cuff

List Price: $65.95

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Thigh NIBP cuff

List Price: $65.95

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NIBP hose

List Price: $49.95

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3-lead ECG leadwire set

List Price: $57.95

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ECG cable

List Price: $149.95

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Nellcor adult SpO2 finger sensor

Out of Stock

List Price: $229.95

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SpO2 cable

List Price: $89.95

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Thermal Printer Paper (3 roll pack)

List Price: $16.95

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Oral temperature probe

List Price: $249.95

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