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Tim Reber, President & Founder / Rebec Solutions

Dental amalgam, commonly used in dental fillings, contains mercury and when that amalgam is removed from the patient that mercury finds its way into our waste water systems (which are not equipped to deal with the waste) and eventually into our food, water and air supply.  Mercury is toxic especially in high does and has been linked to a myriad of ailments in both humans and wildlife.

Over the last few decades technology has been developed to handle this area of growing concern.  Amalgam separators are already mandated in many cities, counties, and states around the country and have been proven to reduce mercury levels in their environments. The ADA has a laundry list of best management practices for amalgam waste including the use of an amalgam separator.

The Environmental Protection Agency, acting as the ruling authority for the federal government on the matter, is planning a nationwide mandate for the use of this technology for dental professionals, because they are one of the top contributors of mercury waste to the environment.

So the question as a dental professional becomes, “How can my dental practice limit its’ mercury footprint?”

Here are the top 3 reasons why using an amalgam separator is essential for your practice:

1. Be Compliant. Being compliant helps you avoid fines and protects your reputation in your community and with your patients. Whether or not you are currently required to have an amalgam separator, there is no doubt you will need one soon!

2. Be Responsible. Amalgam waste affects more than just your practice; it affects our communities and our future generations because mercury waste is extremely difficult to remove from the environment. An amalgam separator is an easy way to instantly decrease your environmental footprint. Your patients will thank you and so will the environment.

3. Be a Leader. Dental professionals have the rare opportunity to be leaders in their communities. The things you do matter not just to your practice but also to your patients. Standing up for your communities' future is a great way to distinguish yourself, and to help gain the trust of your patients.

As a partner in compliance, safety, and responsibility HealthFirst is committed to supporting your practice, educating patients and helping our planet. Please feel free to check out our recommended amalgam separator here on our website and don't hesitate to reach out to one of our compliance counselors with questions you may have.

Meet the Expert

Tim Reber Tim Reber is the president and founder of Rebec Solutions, the leader of amalgam separation technology. Having spent 25+ years in the dental industry, Tim helped develop the testing and implementation of amalgam separation into common use in King County Washington, the first county to mandate amalgam separator use. Now as a leader in the industry Tim is committed to contributing to the dental industry and the environment and leaving a legacy for future generations.

This blog post is Tim Reber's express opinion.