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vision statement

Vision Statement

To be the world’s most trusted partner for innovative compliance solutions that protect patients and mitigate risk.



mission statement

Mission Statement

We provide solutions that integrate technology, products and services with the latest regulatory knowledge, enabling healthcare providers worldwide to effectively meet their evolving compliance obligations.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service experiences and compliance peace of mind.


emergency response

Emergency Response

In a survey of over 4,000 dentist in North America, a total of more than 30,000 emergencies were reported over the lifespan of their practice. To ensure the best outcome for your patients, HealthFirst has developed an Emergency Response suite, centered on our emergency medical kits, which provide the necessary medications and devices required to respond to a medical emergency in and around the practice.

Our OnTraQ Quality Refill System ensures that emergency medications are tracked and automatically replaced just prior to expiration to maximize shelf life, save money and ensure readiness. HealthFirst also offers AEDs and mobile oxygen systems which are necessary components of any practice’s emergency response plan.

infection control

Infection Control

Protecting patients from infectious diseases is critical, which is why the CDC requires every dental practice in the nation to establish an infection control plan and conduct biological monitoring (spore testing) of autoclaves each week (and in the case of implantables, testing with each batch). HealthFirst’s OnTraQ BIOlogical spore testing service provides you the ability to not only test your autoclave’s effectiveness, but also establish a CDC-compliant plan to ensure consistent and sustained compliance.

The service is integrated into the OnTraQ Compliance Manager, giving you the ability to assign testing responsibilities to team members, send automated electronic reminders and easily monitor your team’s progress. HealthFirst’s OnTraQ Compliance Manager will keep you informed of all biological spore testing tasks in your practice, notify you of timely completion of these tasks and digitally archive all test results. In the event that your office has a failed spore test, the OnTraQ Compliance Manager will notify you immediately, and help you make any necessary changes.

dental waste management

Dental Waste Management

Every state has its own requirements for proper dental waste management. Stay compliant with local regulations, and ADA/OSHA/EPA Best Management Practices by properly disposing all of your dental waste using approved services and containers. HealthFirst offers easy-to-use, turnkey solutions for sharps, medical waste, and amalgam separation that save you money. The OnTraQ Compliance Manager also provides your office with automated task management tools, paperless compliance documentation and waste stream reporting capabilities at no additional charge.

quality practice

Quality Practice

Time spent manually managing crucial compliance tasks through paper forms and reports, or even spreadsheets is risky and inefficient. The OnTraQ Compliance Manager provides the ability to enhance efficiency by streamlining processes through an easy-to-use automated task management tool. Now you can manage, assign, monitor, control, and report on all compliance and operations–related tasks with ease.

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