The problem with mercury

Mercury pollution has been characterized by the United Nations as “a global threat to human and environmental health.” The discharge of dental amalgam into the waste water system has been identified as one of the contributors to mercury pollution. In fact, an EPA study found that dental practices discharge approximately 3.7 tons of mercury into waste water systems each year.

As a result, many water authorities have mandated amalgam separators be installed in dental practices and a nation-wide EPA mandate is on the horizon. Regulators and patients are beginning to take the mercury pollution caused by the discharge dental amalgam seriously and we as dental professionals should do the same.

To be compliant, dental practices need an amalgam recovery program that meets the requirements of state/local regulations, as well as ADA Best Management Practices.
HealthFirst’s Quality Amalgam Recovery Program is designed to manage all of your amalgam recovery needs, keeping your practice compliant, saving you money and protecting the environment.

Stay Compliant

As an ADA Member, we invite you to take advantage of special member savings with the only ADA Business Resources endorsed amalgam recovery solution in dentistry: the HealthFirst Quality Amalgam Recovery Program.

The only worry-free program of its kind –effective, affordable, endorsed.

The HealthFirst Quality Amalgam Recovery Program is made up of four essential components, each designed to keep your practice compliant, productive and environmentally responsible.


The amalgam separator is the anchor of your program, and the last line of defense for your office’s wastewater.

The Rebec Catch HG line of amalgam separators is built out of highly durable stainless-steel, and effectively separates 99.8% of waste mercury from your office’s wastewater.

It’s also the only amalgam separator on the market that is specifically recommended by ADA Business Resources.


Use approved containers for the recovery of contact and non-contact amalgam waste materials.

Left-over bulk amalgam, spent capsules, and disposable chairside traps and pump filters must be disposed of properly. Stay compliant with local regulations and ADA Best Management Practices by recovering all of your waste amalgam in approved Amalgam Waste Recovery Containers.

HealthFirst carries the most cost-effective amalgam waste recovery containers in the industry.


An essential component of amalgam management that may be overlooked.

Chairside traps and vacuum pump filters are an important part of your Amalgam Recovery Program because they capture the larger amalgam waste particles that would otherwise flow straight through the office vacuum system and into the sewer. HealthFirst offers a full line of chairside traps and vacuum pump filters so you can purchase all of your amalgam recovery program components from one place.

HealthFirst Compliance Counselors are standing by to help you determine the necessary amount of traps and filters for Quality Amalgam Recovery Program based on the needs of your practice – no more, no less, just the right amount!


Tying it all together with a FREE software solution that gives you insight into your practice’s compliance obligations and peace of mind.

The OnTraQ Compliance Manager allows the practice to:

  • • Create an effective amalgam recovery program
  • • Assign team members tasks associated with amalgam recovery compliance (such as changing the traps and filters on a scheduled basis)
  • • Confirm completion of these tasks
  • • Archive and access all important compliance documentation (such as certificates of recovery and destruction).

Exclusive ADA Member Benefits

ADA Members deserve the best products dentistry has to offer. Our program delivers this to you with these key exclusive benefits:





*Indemnification available to the extent allowable in each jurisdiction

Up to 33% OFF MSRP, the
best pricing available on
the market. Period.

A guaranteed
lifetime warranty
for your amalgam

Absolutely no long-term
contracts to sign.

Wastewater fine
indemnification up to $500
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