BIOlogical12 and BIOlogical52

Mail-In Sterilizer Monitoring Service


BIOlogical™12 and BIOlogical™52 offer everything you need to verify sterilizer performance:

  • Automatic e-mail notifications help you keep on top of your regular testing schedule.
  • Steam cycle test results in 24 hours once test strips are received at the test labs. Any test failures are immediately communicated to all designated personnel via e-mail.
  • Complete sterilization test results are stored within the OnTraQ online compliance management system
  • Online documentation of test results via OnTraQ provides a tangible record, as well as a legal document, when proof of sterility must be provided.
  • One of the most cost-effective methods of biological monitoring.
  • Compatible with steam, dry heat, chemical and eto.
  • Highly resistant bacterial spores provide the most reliable method of testing for an effective sterilization cycle.

Rest-assured that OnTraQ will protect you from non-compliance

HealthFirst’s OnTraQ Compliance Management system will keep you informed of all related biological spore testing tasks in your office and the timely completion of these scheduled tasks. 


Item #3700
BIOlogical12 Steam Biological Indicators:12 test packets*/box

Item #3702
BIOlogical52 Steam Biological Indicators: 52 test packets*/box

*Each test packet includes 1 test strip & 1 control strip

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BIOlogical12, Weekly Mail-In Sterilizer Monitoring Service

biological 12 and biological 52

12 weekly test packets / three-month supply


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BIOlogical52, Weekly Mail-In Sterilizer Monitoring Service

biological 12 and biological 52

52 weekly test packets / One-year supply


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