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Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training

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HealthFirst, a leader in healthcare compliance services, can provide you or your valued employees with their annual OSHA training for just $18.95 / person.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training
$18.95 / Person

The benefits to the user include up-to-date information on how to reduce and prevent exposure to infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B. The course also discusses personal protective equipment, universal precautions, spill cleanup, laundry, needle sticks and more. Upon successful completion, the user can download and print a certificate of completion for their records.

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This online course features 3 video modules covering the 14 required elements of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The user is asked a short series of questions between each module. To make sure the user completely understands the information, a 100% score must be achieved in order to download the certificate.

Learners have 2 chances to answer each question correctly. Non-graded practice quizzes are provided to help students focus on critical topics. You may repeat the course and/or each module as many times as necessary to achieve the passing score.

The course includes access to a Learning Management System (LMS) to assist the student in maintaining online access to their course records and certificate. Practice based course includes employer based access so records can be easily documented for the practice.


System Requirements and Links
  • Internet access and any standard Web browser (Javascript and cookies enabled)
  • Broadband speeds of 700 KBps or greater
  • Adobe® Reader® (v.8 or higher recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows®, 2000 (SP 4), XP (SP 3), Vista, Windows 7, or MAC OS 10.4 or higher
  • VGA resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher recommended
  • Adobe Flash Player V10.x to view course | Adobe Acrobat Reader to print Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who must receive Bloodborne Pathogens Training?
A. Any employee whose occupation may expose them to blood, body fluids or any other potentially infectious materials.

Q. How often must I receive this training?
A. OSHA requires that you receive this training upon assignment and at least annually thereafter.




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