About Infection Control in the Dental Office
Infection control in the dental office is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of infection among your patients, your doctors and your office staff.

Why is Infection Control Important?
In a dental office, patients are cared for by many doctors and practitioners in very close quarters. Frequent contact is made between people who have an infection or can spread one, and people who can become easily infected. Also, some types of procedures can increase a patient’s risk of infection. Preventing infections is important to help patients and your staff to stay as healthy as possible. Here at HealthFirst, we have searched for the best Infection Control products to proudly offer our dental office clients and we truly believe that we have found them. Please browse our product offerings in the following categories:

Autoclave Spore Testing Solutions: OnTraQ BIOlogical
OnTraQ BIOlogical is the first biological monitoring service designed to make compliance with CDC guidelines simple, routine and foolproof. HealthFirst has combined best in class spore testing solutions with the OnTraQ Compliance Manager, a secure, cloud-based, paperless, time saving compliance management system, so there is no need to file faxed and “snail-mail” test reports.

Environmental Barriers
A selection of surface and equipment protective barriers to reduce the risk of cross contamination within the dental operatory.

 Additional Information:
The CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings document was developed for dental health care personnel and contains scientific evidence regarding dental infection control issues and recommendations.

Experts Say

dr. donald cohenDr. Don HealthFirst
Donald Cohen DMD

Spore Testing is Required:

The most important thing in your customers’ minds when they enter your office is sanitization and infection control*. Proper biological monitoring procedures guarantee important and effective results in keeping your practice as safe as possible.

The increasing spread of virulent infectious diseases acquired in healthcare settings is making headlines, and catching your patients’ attention. As a healthcare provider, it is your responsibility to practice effective infection prevention/control processes, demonstrating that you keep your patients safe. Transparency in this matter is critical.

Biological monitoring is recommended at least once a week by the CDC and over 25 states have their own, more stringent, requirements. Unfortunately, many healthcare practices have yet to enact or maintain an infection prevention/control plan, resulting in inconsistent quality assurance of their autoclaves.

* According to intercept research performed by Destination Marketing in a 2012 study

Even if your state doesn't require it, what reasons do you have for not testing your autoclaves at least once a week?

Save Time, Save Money, Increase your Compliance with OnTraQ™ BIOlogical

compliance in the dental office

Compliance Made Easy

HealthFirst’s® OnTraQ™ BIOlogical™ is the first monitoring service designed to make compliance with CDC guidelines simple, routine and bulletproof.


Save Time

With the purchase of OnTraQ BIOlogical in-office or third party mail-back solutions, you get complimentary access to the OnTraQ® Compliance Manager, a secure, cloud-based, paperless, time- saving compliance management system, capable of archiving and retrieving your digital results instantly. No need to file faxed or "snail mail" reports.


Peace of Mind

Know that your office completes weekly spore testing requirements in an efficient and accurate manner.

    OnTraQ allows the practice to:
  • Create an effective biological monitoring and testing process
  • Establish the frequency of testing
  • Assign team members testing responsibility
  • Confirm tasks were completed on time, sending notifications of non-compliance

OnTraQ BIOlogical Remembers for You

In this era of technology and transparency, forgetting a required compliance task is no longer reasonable or acceptable; user-friendly, cost effective solutions are available at your fingertips. OnTraQ helps your practice set and send recurring automated reminders via text or email to team members, reminding them to perform required scheduled spore testing tasks.


Digital Reporting & Archiving

OnTraQ provides online documentation and reporting of your spore test results, producing a tangible record, as well as official certification for proof of sterility.

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