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Welcome to HealthFirst

Savalife Customers

Thank you for being a Savalife customer. Now that HealthFirst and Savalife have integrated, HealthFirst will manage your medication replacement and customer support.

HealthFirst's OnTraq® Refill System will track the expiration dates of your kit's medications and ship replacements 3 or 4 times per year (depending on the timing of expiring drugs). We are committed to keeping your practice compliant and prepared for any medical emergency.

The first step is to update your existing emergency medical kit.

Get Started Now.

Let us take you though a five quick and easy steps. We'll need to know:

  1. What type of Savalife Kit you own (You will select below).
  2. Your Customer ID # (Available from your invoice).
  3. Your name and State License # (We're legally required to collect this before shipping medications).
  4. If you practice sedation dentistry (So we can recommend the right kit).
  5. Then we'll ask you to:

  6. Choose the right Compliance Update Kit for your practice OR select a date and time for a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor to contact you.

Customer Support

Our Compliance Counselors can answer your questions about the Savalife integration or help you choose the solutions for your practice.

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We’re open from 9 to 8 (Eastern),
or 6 to 5 (Pacific)