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Savalife FAQs

A: It is a set of medications, devices, instructions and a case that update your existing kit to meet Federal Requirements and today’s Standard-of-Care for the management of medical emergencies in the dental office.
A: If you use Savalife’s Basic Emergency Kit model, then several of its medications and devices are now considered obsolete and it is missing several medications and devices considered essential, such as an albuterol inhaler and pre-filled epinephrine auto-injectors.
A: Several Key Opinion Leaders including Dr. Stanley Malamed, who research, publish and teach the management of medical emergencies in the dental office, have identified an essential set of medications to manage the most common medical emergencies in the dental office, as well as drug delivery devices that quickly and reliably deliver the appropriate dose and can be easily under the pressure of a life-threatening emergency. This standard-of-care has been widely published and reviewed by the Independent Medical Advisory Board.
A: During an asthmatic emergency, inhaled albuterol is much easier to administer than injectable aminophylline and aminophylline is a medication not consistent with the standard-of-care for the management of medical emergencies in the dental office. On advice of the Independent Medical Advisory Board, HealthFirst will not replace aminophylline for Savalife subscribers.
A: The red-colored emergency medical kit case from HealthFirst are required for three reasons:
  1. The blue Savalife kit cases are not serialized, a requirement by the FDA.
  2. Savalife kit cases do not easily accommodate FDA-required manufacturer’s instructions for drug administration.
  3. The Savalife kit does not accommodate the full set of essential medications.
A: The OnTraQ Quality Refill System requires no work from the HealthFirst subscriber:
  1. OnTraQ monitors the expiration date for medications included in your emergency medical kit or purchased from Savalife or HealthFirst.
  2. It automatically replaces medications before they expire based on a rolling quarterly cycle that typically results in 2 to 3 shipments per year. For example, if your kit has drugs expiring in September, October and November, respectively, you will receive one shipment in September rather than 3 separate shipments. The OnTraQ Quality Refill System groups expiring medications together to reduce freight costs related to multiple shipments.
  3. You are invoiced for replacement medications at the current prices shown on at the time of shipment.
  4. At any time you can log into your complimentary OnTraQ Compliance Manager and view the status of your kit and medications.
A: The OnTraQ Quality Refill System is a convenience and a quality management service but it is not required. You may request from a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor to request approval prior to each expiring medication replacement.
A: That depends on the kit you own. If you use Savalife’s Basic Emergency Kit model, then many of its medications and devices need to be replaced. Your cost will be $300.00, including shipping. If you use Savalife’s Quick Response with Nitrostat Tabs model or the Quick Response with Nitrolingual Spray model, your cost will be $30.00, including shipping.
  1. Our kits are designed and tracked to meet Federal Requirements (FDA) for medical devices and medications.
  2. Our kits contain medications and devices that may not be included in your Savalife kit. This includes pre-filled epinephrine auto injectors and albuterol inhalers. These items are considered essential according to today’s standard-of-care.
  3. Our OnTraQ Quality Refill Service makes sure your kit is always ready for an emergency. It monitors the medications in your kit and replaces them automatically before they expire.
A: HealthFirst is discontinuing the 2 Year Subscription Program. Going forward, all customers paying quarterly will only be charged for the price of replacement medications at the time of shipment.
A: No, privacy protection requirements do not allow the transfer of your personal information during the Savalife integration with HealthFirst. We need to collect this information to allow continued billing.
A: Send your payment for Savalife invoices to Savalife at the address on your invoice. Send payment for HealthFirst invoices to HealthFirst at the address on your invoice – or pay online at
A: Yes, using the OnTraQ Compliance Manager. Simply go to and click on the Pay My Bill button to get started.
A: In some cases, but you must call a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor at 855-331-1984 to discuss. Federal regulations usually restrict the return of medications.

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