Basic Emergency Medical Kits

The SM-Series Basic Emergency Medical Kit is designed for the general dental practice who wants to be compliant and prepared for medical emergencies. The contents meet today's standard-of-care, are compliant with many state regulations and consistent with recommendations from the ADA, JADA and the HealthFirst Independent Medical Advisory Board.

Medications and devices are quick, safe and easy to administer.


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  Adult Adult & Pediatric
  Qty SM7 SM10 SM27 SM30
Epinephrine auto-injector - Adult 0.3mg 1
Epinephrine auto-injector - Pediatric 0.15mg 1    
Auto-injector training unit 1
Back-up Epinephrine ampules 1:1000, 1mg/1mL 2
Diphenhydramine 50mg/1mL 2
Albuterol inhaler 1
Nitroglycerin tablets 25    
Nitroglycerin spray 0.4mg/spray 60 doses 1    
Ammonia inhalants 3
Oral glucose gel 1
Aspirin 2-pack 2
Flumazenil 0.5mg/5mL (Optional)  
Naloxone HCL 0.4mg/1mL (Optional)  
Syringes 2
CPR Pocket Masks 1
Color-coded medication instructions 1
OntraQ Quality Refill Service for medication tracking and refill  

All HealthFirst Emergency Medical Kits include the OnTraQ Quality Refill System, which reduces costs, maximizes medication shelf life, and ensures emergency readiness. Our system tracks your medications and devices, shipping you replacements automatically prior to expiration. Our system is complementary, and you’ll only pay for the refills you receive. For more information about the OnTraQ Quality Refill System, please call a HealthFirst Compliance Counselor at 1-800-331-1984.

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Supplemental Medications for Sedation Dentistry

Naloxone HCL 0.4mg/1mL Ampule


Reversal agent for opiates


Oxygen & Resuscitation

Mobile Oxygen Cart with Emergency Medical Kit Rack

Oxygen Cart With Rack

Wheeled cart provides mobility to E-size oxygen cylinder and SM-Series or HM-Series Emergency Medical Kit


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Basic Emergency Oxygen System

Oxygen Tank

Includes a pre-filled E-cylinder, variable regulator, supplemental O2 masks (adult and child), hose and nasal cannula.

Ground shipping only due to HAZMAT UN1072.


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AMBU® SPUR® II Adult Disposable Resuscitator

AMBU Bag Valve Mask resuscitator (Adult)

With patient valve, O2 bag reservoir, and disposable face mask size 5


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Demand Valve System

Oxygen Demand Valve System

Provides on-demand (touch of a button) positive pressure oxygen. Includes demand valve, hose and adult resuscitation mask


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Emergency Medicine In the Dental Office With Dr. Stanley Malamed

Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator


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