A Message to HealthFirst Customers about COVID-19

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Dear HealthFirst customer,

During this challenging time for healthcare professionals responding to COVID-19, HealthFirst deeply appreciates your work on the front line helping our citizens. We will always support you by tracking and replenishing your medications and devices, helping ensure you are ready for a medical emergency whenever or wherever that may occur.

We realize that many of our customers are pausing or resetting operations and realigning staff outside the office setting.  If such an interruption means you need to delay regular services from us, please let us know if a temporary hold should be placed on your account. You can contact us at 800-331-1984, or email us at customerservice@healthfirst.com.

During this rapidly evolving crisis, you may be called on to provide medical aid inside or outside your office setting. The HealthFirst Medical Advisory Board recommends having your HealthFirst emergency medical kit, portable oxygen, manual resuscitator and AED readily available.

Our hope is that you and your employees can stay as safe as possible as we move through the coming weeks. Please let us know if there’s any other way that we can support you.

Earl Greene
Vice President and General Manager

HealthFirst’s medical advisory board has compiled an index to official COVID-19 websites and resources focused on medical professionals.


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