Keep Your Crash Cart Up to Date With OnTraq Automation

Emergency Medication Crash Cart

If you manage a crash cart, you know it’s time-consuming to inspect drug dates and replace expiring items.

At least, that used to be true. Managing medications has become much easier through crash cart automation. Did you know you can save time and reduce risk by automating the traditionally manual process of monitoring and refilling crash or code cart medications?

When your practice or facility requires a large number of emergency response medications, the potential for error dramatically increases when the monitoring and replacement process is manual.

OnTraq Crash Cart Maintenance Service

HealthFirst offers a crash cart auto-replenishment service to track and replace medications prior to expiry.

There is no cost to use HealthFirst’s auto-replenishment program. You will pay for the replacement medications, but there are no additional fees to get started.

HealthFirst does the tracking remotely by scanning and monitoring medications on their way out the door. We replace medications automatically just prior to expiry.

How to Get Started

Simply fill out and submit our convenient online form letting us know which medications you want us to maintain.


Simplify Crash Cart Management

Download our case study to understand the cost and time-savings associated with using HealthFirst’s proprietary OnTraq smart automation to reduce costs and compliance risks.