Dental Staff Renders Emergency Aid in Opioid Overdose

Dental Medical Emergency Readiness

As our national opioid epidemic grows, dental offices have reported being on the front line of responding to medical emergencies involving potential overdose. That was the situation that West Columbia Family Dentistry staff faced recently, as a man came into the office and asked for assistance with a medical emergency occurring in the parking lot. The individual was not responsive in a vehicle, so the dental staff sprang into action.

The Victim Was Suffering From Overdose; Face Was Blue

Three members of the dental staff heroically responded, performing CPR and using an AED. When EMS arrived onsite, they administered NARCAN to the victim. Fortunately, a life was saved, and all three staff members were awarded letters of commendation by the Springdale Police Department. Afterward, one of the responders commented, “She’s been given a gift.  We don’t all get second chances.”

“West Columbia Family Dentistry says they order NARCAN for their emergency kits, and they have also ordered an AED in case something like this happens again,”  said a WLTX TV news anchor.

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Equip Your Practice with NARCAN®

Each week, we consult with our dental practice customers about how to be ready to respond to a range of medical emergencies.  Being prepared to manage a possible opioid overdose is emerging as an area where dentists need to be ready.

That’s why, working with our Medical Advisory Board, HealthFirst regularly reviews our emergency medical kits to make sure they meet current medical emergency needs. Because of the rapidly growing opioid crisis, HealthFirst is following the Board’s recommendation to add NARCAN® Nasal Spray (naloxone HCl) to the SM Series kits’ core set of medications.

Now general dentists can be equipped to save a patient’s life in the event of an opioid overdose. The NARCAN Nasal Spray is easy to administer, and SM Series kits include two of the sprays.

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