When Minutes Matter, an ER Doc is Now a Phone Call Away

Dental Medical Emergency Readiness
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During a medical emergency in a dental practice, a patient’s life can be on the line before EMS arrives. A well-trained and well-equipped dental staff can provide critical immediate aid, but there’s always a risk related to how long it takes for emergency services to arrive.

Emergency medical service units average from seven to more than fourteen minutes to arrive on the scene after calling 911. Ten percent of calls wait for nearly a half-hour for the arrival of EMS personnel.1

With EmergencyMDAssist, You Won’t Be Alone

“A medical emergency can be very scary for you, the patient and their family”, says HealthFirst Clinical Director Dr. Don Cohen. “While awaiting EMS to arrive, you do not have to be alone.”

HealthFirst has now launched EmergencyMDAssist, a unique service for dentistry that provides access through a direct phone connection to an emergency medical physician. This doctor guides the dental professional in giving emergency care of their patient, family or staff. The physicians providing support know the medications and devices included in your HealthFirst emergency medical kit. That means you get specific guidance relevant to your medical emergency setup and scenario.

EmergencyMDAssist is endorsed by several leading dental professionals, including noted dental anesthesiologist Dr. Stanley Malamed, emeritus professor of anesthesia and medicine at the school of dentistry at USC.

“Most dentists are ill-prepared to handle medical emergencies, and EMS can take considerably longer than 15 minutes to arrive on the scene,” says Dr. Malamed. “EmergencyMDAssist will be very beneficial in the dental office environment.”

Introducing Best Practice to Dental Offices

On an airplane where medical emergencies are very scary for all involved, the FAA requires support is available from ground-based emergency medical physicians. That best practice in an industry focused on safety is now available in the dental office with EmergencyMDAssist.

Available Now From HealthFirst

Since 1971, HealthFirst has been dedicated to continuously enhancing emergency medical preparedness services for the dental professional. Our aim is to help ensure the dental office is always practice-ready.

This new service can be added to your practice online or by calling 800-331-1984.

1 JAMA Surgery October 2017 Volume 152, Number 10


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