HealthFirst Autoship Replenishment Service Adds Convenience

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Over 50,000 dental and medical practices entrust HealthFirst to keep them ready with up-to-date emergency medications. Now HealthFirst extends its smart automation to ensure that important compliance products are replenished on time without hassle, contracts or commitments.

Autoship is a no-charge service designed to help HealthFirst customers stay ready and up to date.

With a click of a button or phone call, HealthFirst customers can authorize automatic shipments of items such as medical waste containers, dental waste recovery containers, spore testing and more.  Eliminate the hassle of manually ordering the products that help your busy office meet patient and employee safety and compliance requirements. You can establish delivery intervals of one month or longer.

For a limited time, HealthFirst customers receive free shipping when they order items through Autoship.

HealthFirst Products Available Through Autoship

How to Get Started

If you purchase HealthFirst products through, you can enroll in Autoship during the purchase process.  Simply indicate your preferred delivery interval and proceed to check out. HealthFirst will confirm your selection by email and notify you before shipments are sent.

For corporate accounts, please call a HealthFirst representative at 800-331-1984 to establish Autoship.

Managing Autoship Products

OnTraq makes it easy to enroll, track and manage your Autoship products. Simply log in and click in the left navigation to the Auto Renewals section. From there you can:

  • Enroll: If you have any of the HealthFirst products listed above, they will be listed on the Auto Renewals page. To enroll them (and receive free shipping), simply click “enroll” next to the product listing.  You then will enter quantity, frequency and start date. HealthFirst will confirm your selection via email.
  • Track: For each product you have on Autoship, you can view its quantity, frequency and next shipment.
  • Manage: To make changes to enrolled products, click on “edit.” You can change the quantity, delivery interval and start date. For corporate accounts, please call us at 800-331-1984 or email

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