HealthFirst Partners with OSAP for The Safest Dental Visit™

Infection Control PPE

Infection control is a primary concern of every dental office. Busy dental practices see many patients every day, and these patients travel with germs. Despite their best efforts, even the cleanest dental office with the best screening practices will have infection control issues to address. That’s why HealthFirst has developed infection control products and services to prevent the spread of infection among patients, doctors, and staff.

To help meet its goals for reducing infection in dental offices, HealthFirst is joining with the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention (OSAP) to develop The Safest Dental Visit™, an increased commitment to infection control and safety in dentistry. Our hope is the partnership will help ensure every visit is safe for both patients and providers.

HealthFirst Infection Control Testing Helps Ensure Safety

Protecting patients, doctors, and office staff from infections is vital, meaning infection control is one of the most important things a dental office can do. HealthFirst’s infection control solutions help keep dental offices clean of bacteria and bacterial spores and overlap well with OSAP’s mission to provide the safest possible dental offices and oral healthcare.

HealthFirst’s OnTraQ compliance tool saves time and money while helping dentists meet  Centers for Disease Control and state regulations. By helping dental offices to track and record their spore-testing results online, infection control becomes both disciplined, consistent, and easier to manage.

HealthFirst also offers emergency medical kits for dental offices to provide the medications and devices needed in a medical emergency. The Safest Dental Visit campaign by OSAP, the leading authority on infection control and safety in oral healthcare, aligns closely with member HealthFirst’s mission of providing both the highest quality emergency medical kits and infection control to dental practices. With its large customer base and unique product offerings and services, HealthFirst is the perfect partner for OSAP in helping create and promote The Safest Dental Visit.

Learn more about the partnership between HealthFirst and OSAP in creating The Safest Dental Visit by visiting today!

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Waterline Testing and Treatment E-Book

Ensure your dental unit waterlines are safe from harmful bacteria. HealthFirst offers a simple way to automate a testing and treatment program.