How to Manage Autoclaves, Waterlines and Amalgam Separators after a Dental Office Closure

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There’s a lot to manage related to re-opening a dental office after COVID-19 related closure. Please consider implementing these best practices related to your infection control protocols during this time.

Autoclaves and Amalgam Separators

  • Resume your normal weekly maintenance on autoclaves and separators, per the manufacturer manual. For separators, this includes flushing your vacuum lines with pH-balanced line cleaner on a scheduled basis to deter inorganic and organic buildup in the lines–even during non-usage.

Dental Unit Waterlines*

  • Shock your waterlines to ensure existing odor-causing bacteria are killed while enhancing the effectiveness of continual maintenance products.
  • Resume or start regular maintenance of dental unit waterlines.
  • Review the instructions for use for dental unit waterline products.
  • Recommended: test your water using a third-party lab such as Agenics.

Additional Resources*

* This information is from Sterisil, one of our waterline product suppliers.

QUESTIONS? We’re Here to Help
HealthFirst is here to answer any questions about navigating through this challenging period with safety and compliance first in mind.
You can reach us at:
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