Dr. Stanley Malamed Offers ‘Case Notes’ on Managing Medical Emergencies

Medical Emergency Readiness

Every week we at HealthFirst talk with customers who have responded to a medical emergency at their office. We believe that everyone in dentistry can learn from these critical experiences.  Lives literally are saved when dental professionals are ready and equipped to respond in a sudden (and always unexpected) medical crisis.

With the launch of Lessons Learned, a new section on healthfirst.com, we now have a way to share with you the real-life case studies of dental practice emergency medical response.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with noted dental anesthesiologist Dr. Stanley Malamed, a member of the HealthFirst Medical Advisory Board.  Dr. Malamed offers his case notes on each scenario as well as recommendations on the best approach to manage specific medical emergencies.

A Resource for the Entire Dental Community

Each conversation with dental practices reveals unique insights.  Some of these medical emergencies are now documented and available on the HealthFirst Emergency Lessons Learned web page.  We invite you to visit this resource to learn from the anecdotes and Dr. Malamed’s commentary.

Medical Emergencies We Can All Learn From

Lessons Learned features several different types of medical incidents that can occur in the dental office.  HealthFirst will continue to add more examples in the future.  Current scenarios include:

Make sure to read Dr. Malamed’s notes at the end of each case.

Equipping Dental Practices for a Medical Emergency

As your partner for practice readiness, HealthFirst can equip you with the right emergency medical kit, devices and other supplies necessary to be prepared for a medical emergency. More than 40,000 dental practices trust HealthFirst to keep their emergency medical kits up to date.  We are ready to help you too. Visit healthfirst.com to learn more.


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