Imaging Centers Quick to Help Patients In Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency Readiness

Unexpected allergic reactions can happen at any time in a medical practice or facility – to patients, staff or even family members in the waiting room. Every week, HealthFirst representatives learn from our customers how they have managed a medical emergency with use of their STAT KIT® and related products. Here are two recent examples that occurred during imaging procedures.

#1: Patient Has Difficulty Breathing After Injection

At an imaging center in Utah, a female patient undergoing a standard imaging procedure with contrast started to have difficulty breathing after injection of the contrast agent.

The doctor and support staff promptly retrieved diphenhydramine for injection from their HealthFirst emergency medical kit. This was administered to the patient and the breathing difficulty was alleviated.

Although the procedure was ultimately postponed, the patient recovered without the need to call emergency services.

#2: Patient Has Allergic Reaction to Contrast Media

During an imaging procedure at a Milwaukee facility, a 14-year-old girl developed a reaction apparently to the contrast media. Staff reported that the reaction came on slowly, and noticed a few hives. The reaction quickly progressed to the patient shivering and ultimately having difficulty in breathing.

The radiologist instructed his staff to obtain the medications from their Banyan emergency medical kit. Medical staff first administered oral Benadryl followed up by the pediatric-dose epinephrine auto-injector. The adult auto-injector was close at hand in case a follow-up administration was needed.

Emergency services arrived and determined the patient needed to be transported to a local hospital for observation.

Common Denominator: Both Facilities Were Prepared

Both facilities reported they stay prepared for a medical emergency with an emergency medical kit, portable oxygen system and an automated external defibrillator (AED) from HealthFirst. Staff members know the location of supplies and how to spot patient distress. The facility doctors are trained in medical emergency response.

HealthFirst Emergency Medical Preparedness Solutions

HealthFirst offers a full medical emergency preparedness solution for all types of practices, including emergency medical kits with automatic replenishment.

The OnTraq automated replenishment program tracks the expiration dates of emergency medications and supplies in your emergency medical kit or crash cart and prompts replacement shipments prior to their expiration. This free service (you pay only for the refills) helps you maximize shelf life through just-in-time management of your medications and supplies that have an expiry date.


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