Is Your AED Ready for an Emergency?  

Emergency Medical Equipment
More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals each year. An automated external defibrillator (AED) doubles the chances of survival for victims. In a study released in March 2018, those who got a shock from a bystander using a publicly available AED were more than twice as likely to survive and leave the hospital as those who didn’t.

But for an AED to be useful, the AED in your emergency medical kit must be in top shape.

Required Maintenance for AEDs

Over time, AED’s pads lose their ability to make effective contact with cardiac victims’ skin. A gel is applied to AED pads when they are manufactured to make the pads adhere to the skin. This gel expires after 18 to 30 months. AED batteries can also expire. Medical offices must replace pads and batteries on a regular basis to ensure emergency readiness.

Put Your Maintenance on Auto-Pilot

HealthFirst offers an auto-replenishment service that tracks the expiration of pads and batteries. With auto-replenishment, you save staff time, reduce the risk of human error, and enjoy peace of mind that in an emergency, your emergency supplies are up to date.

How OnTraq Auto-Replenishment Program Works

Because medications and some emergency supplies have a limited shelf life, near-continuous monitoring is required to ensure you’re ready in event of a medical emergency. On the OnTraq portal, you can see the status of your AED batteries and pads, manage upcoming shipments, and manage your account, saving you time while keeping you compliant.

Every medication refill also comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope for safe disposal-by-mail of your unused medications. Replacements are consolidated to replace anything expiring within 60 days. If a medication, pad, or other replacement item is recalled, the automatic tracking portal will send an alert.

Save a Life by Staying Up to Date

Among the variables involved in saving a life during a medical emergency, the readiness status of your emergency kit or AED shouldn’t be one. That’s why many accreditation audits have expiration dates on their inspection lists. Ensure the best outcomes for your practice and patients by using OnTraq to keep your emergency kit and AED up to date.

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