4 Reasons Your Dental Office Needs Medical Emergency Training

Dental Medical Emergency Readiness

Because they are uncommon, medical emergencies in dental offices can be quite alarming for dental staff. While a study by Dr. Stanley Malamed1 showed that 84 percent of dental offices have emergency medical equipment and medicine in their facilities, not all practitioners feel comfortable using them in an emergency. Plus, some staff may not have the training to know how to use the kit and devices.

Emergency training can help dental offices be better prepared to save a patient who experiences an adverse drug reaction, chest pain, seizure, or other medical problem while under their care. Proper education on emergency care can:

  • Ensure dentists are ready and confident
  • Provide staff members with proper use and support guidelines
  • Give peace of mind to the whole team
  • Safeguard patient health

Additionally, being better prepared for medical emergencies can protect your dental practice from legal action. It’s clear that a small investment in training courses is well worth the effort.

Training Prepares the Dentist

The American Dental Association reported that because medical emergencies are not common in dentistry, dentists should go through regular refreshers in this area. Although dentists learn about emergencies in dental school, training courses can help a dentist refine these skills and help them feel more confident when a patient is in dire need. Courses like HealthFirst’s class with Dr. Don Cohen, DMD provide dentists with online training covering the proper use of medications and devices contained in an emergency medical kit.

The Staff Can Support the Dentist

When things go wrong, it may require more than just the dentist’s two hands and an emergency kit to keep a patient alive. And unfortunately, the wrong kind of support can make matters worse. Courses like HealthFirst’s videos from Dr. Stanley Malamed, DDS can provide every staff member with the tools necessary to best support dentists during dire situations.

Training Gives Peace of Mind

Earned confidence is essential in any dental practice. When your whole team is prepared to tackle the worst-case scenarios, staff members will feel more at ease and assured of their abilities. One study found that many dental professionals want more training for this type of situation. Training videos give teams what they need to approach their jobs with confidence.

Safeguard Patient Health

Most people go into dentistry because they truly care for people. If you want to give your patients the care they deserve while they are in your practice, it’s vital to ensure that all staff members have the proper training. A few training classes can fulfill ADA continuing education requirements and/ or keep you current on proper medical emergency response.

Make the smart investment in a dental emergency medical kit and training courses before you are called to respond to a medical emergency.

1 Malamed SF: Managing Medical Emergencies, J Am Dent Assoc 124:40-53, 1993.



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