With Opioid Crisis Growing, Doctors Need to be Equipped with Naloxone

Medical Emergency Readiness

Narcan nasal spray

Naloxone quickly has become a key medication that all medical professionals should have on hand, and be ready to use in a medical emergency, says Dr. Arthur Pancioli, chair of the University of Cincinnati department of medicine.

Citing the example of a South Carolina practice that saved the life of a victim suffering an opioid overdose in a nearby parking lot, Dr. Pancioli says a medical office can never know when their emergency assistance is required.  “This story has a happy ending because the medical professionals had what they needed to respond, and acted quickly,” he says.

Learn more in this brief video about how medical professionals successfully responded to this opioid overdose with an AED and NARCAN® (naloxone) Nasal Spray.  And here’s another account of a medical office successfully responding to an opioid overdose victim in their office.

“Medical emergencies are rare, but opioid overdose is happening with increasing occurrence,” says Dr. Pancioli, a HealthFirst advisory board member. “It only takes one occurrence to make a permanent impact on the lives of the patient, their friend and family, and the medical practitioner to whom they turn for help.”

“Any doctor should be ready for an opioid emergency, and to quickly reverse the effects of opioids, giving their patients the best chance of surviving,” he concludes.

Medical Emergency Preparedness Solutions

Since 1970, HealthFirst has provided medical offices with emergency medical kits, medications, and related products.  Learn more about how HealthFirst can help you be ready to respond to a medical emergency in your clinic, office, or place of business.


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