Practice Partner Program: Kit Replenishment and More for One Annual Fee

Emergency Medical Kits

For 50 years, dentists have turned to HealthFirst emergency medical kits to equip offices for a medical emergency.  Our goal always has been to ease the burden of practice readiness by tracking and replacing expiring and used emergency medications.

Taking simplicity a step further, we’ve listened to customer input asking for even easier ways to maintain a kit. Now, HealthFirst offers the Practice Partner Program, which simplifies preparedness and provides additional value-added benefits – all at one fixed price.

In addition to equipping practices with dentistry’s leading emergency medical kits, the Practice Partner Program provides all medication replenishments, online CE training and other features for one annual payment.

Meeting the Challenge of Drug Supply and Short Shelf Lives

Recently, the pharmaceutical supply chain has been prone to price increases and drugs with shorter-than-expected shelf lives, which must be replaced more frequently. With the Practice Partner Program, HealthFirst replenishes all medications that expire or are used throughout the year. Practices can gain the peace of mind of predictability.

Program Components



Since training is a key component of preparedness, the Practice Partner Program includes access to these online CE courses:

  • Emergency Medical Kit Training: the proper use of medications and devices contained in basic emergency medical kits as well as the use of emergency oxygen.
  • Hypertension in the Dental Office: a panel of experts, including Stanley Malamed, DDS, review the management of patients with hypertension.
  • Cardiovascular Considerations for the Dentist: a panel of experts, including Stanley Malamed, DDS, review cardiovascular considerations for dental patient management.
  • Preventing Diabetic Medical Emergencies: recommendations on how to better understand your patient’s current health so you can prevent diabetic medical emergencies.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training: this interactive course provides annual OSHA training for you and your office staff.

Dr. Stanley Malamed’s online course, Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office: program members are eligible for a $100 discount towards this course


Practice Partner Program customers also have access to OnTraq, HealthFirst’s online application.  OnTraq simplifies practice readiness and compliance by using smart automation to link directly to HealthFirst’s solutions, helping save time on tracking, reporting, documentation and task management.

With the Practice Partner Program, HealthFirst is making it easier for practices to be ready for an emergency with the advantage of predictability, training and other support benefits.

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