COVID-19 Medical Response Supplies

COVID-19 Medical Response Supplies

HealthFirst offers COVID-19 medical response supplies including personal protective equipment, digital thermometers, nasal swabs, oxygen, medications and more.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

HealthFirst offers a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including N95 respirators, face masks, face shields, nitrile gloves, and surgical gowns.

Diagnostic Equipment

Medical diagnostic equipment including thermometers and oximeters.

Nylon Fiber Nasal Swabs (100/box)

Disposable foam test swab. Swabs with or without liquid solution for microbiological analysis. Sold in boxes of 100.

IV and Drug Delivery

Healthfirst offers a variety of IV and drug delivery products including IV start kits, catheters, tubing, and infusion sets.

Oxygen system

Portable Emergency Oxygen System And Resuscitators

Pre-filled E-cylinder, variable regulator, supplemental adult and child O2 masks, hose and nasal cannula. Add positive pressure demand valve and AMBU bags.

Ground shipping only due to HAZMAT UN1072.

Albutrol inhaler

Albuterol Inhaler and Inhalation Solutions

ProAir(r) HFA (Albuterol Sulfate) 90 mcg inhaler, and Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solutions available.

STAT KIT® Emergency Medical Kits

HealthFirst STAT KIT® emergency medical kits provide essential emergency drugs and devices for medical settings including general physician practices, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and specialized facilities such as dialysis centers. STAT KITs also are relied on by commercial business, government agencies, and the aviation and travel industries.

Heartsine smaritan PAD

Defibrillators (AEDs)

Leading AED product lines, and automatically tracks and replaces your pads and batteries before expiration dates..

Regulated Medical Waste Management

Convenient mailback services for red bag and biohazardous waste as well as sealed sharps containers.

When ready, simply use the included prepaid USPS return box to ship it out for environmentally safe processing and disposal.

Sharps medical waste management

Sharps Mailback Containers

Dispose of used needles, syringes and biohazardous waste through HealthFirst’s mailback service.

The cost of the container, return shipment and environmentally-safe disposal is included in the purchase price.