HealthFirst Guides and e-Books

HealthFirst Guides and e-Books

Download these free resources authored by HealthFirst subject matter experts to learn more about healthcare office medical emergency readiness, safety and compliance.

For Dental Offices

Medical Emergency Readiness e-book

When it’s your burden to always be ready for a medical emergency, make sure you have the right products, services, and training. Learn how HealthFirst can make it easier in this e-book.

Medical Response Plan Template

Every dental practice needs to have its own emergency response plan. Plus, the whole team needs to learn and train on the plan to be prepared should there ever be a medical emergency. Here’s a template to ensure you have a planned, coordinated response.

Quick Guide to Management of Medical Emergencies

Medical emergency expert and dental anesthesiologist Dr. Stanley Malamed has compiled a list of common medical emergencies healthcare offices may face. You’ll have a quick guide to the signs and symptoms that a patient or staff member is in distress and learn basic condition management.

Emergency Medication Administration

Medical emergency expert and dental anesthesiologist Dr. Stanley Malamed outlines the recommended emergency medications for use in dental offices.  Download this easy-to-use chart to ensure you respond appropriately.

Sharps Management

You don’t need an exorbitant contract to manage your sharps medical waste. Learn how to save money and time with our free guide to sharps management.

Amalgam Management

The EPA’s final rule on amalgam requires most dental practices to have a compliant amalgam separator and follow best practices. Download our guide for tips on amalgam separator selection and developing a compliant recovery program.

Dental Unit Waterlines

Ensure your dental unit waterlines are safe from harmful bacteria. In this e-book, learn about a simple way to automate a testing and treatment program.

For Medical Offices and Facilities

Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment

Download our case study to understand how to save thousands of dollars per year, and reduce compliance risk, by maintaining your crash cart using HealthFirst’s proprietary OnTraq smart automation.

Crash Course on Crash Carts in the Ambulatory Care Setting

In this comprehensive guide to crash carts, learn about the most common ACLS medications recommended in the ambulatory care facility and accreditation body standards.