Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Forms

All Employees need to become certified in OSHA – GHS. New employees are required to watch the Employee Training Video & Sign the GHS Certificate prior to working with Hazardous Chemicals in your workplace.
This GHS Training Package was designed to get your team & facility fully compliant to International OSHA – GHS Standards. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Watch the OSHA GHS Video. All employees need to watch this video (approximately 60 min.)
  2. Download or print and sign the OSHA – GHS Certification Sign in Sheet below
  3. Place Bio-Hazard Stickers at each: Suction Trap Cap (in each treatment room), X-Ray Exposure Button, Compressor Room Door, Laundry Hamper / Washer Lid, Cold Sterile Solution Container (if used), add ultrasonic and any cabinet or drawer with biohazards sharps container or biohazard bags in them
  4. Set-up the pictogram labeling sheets in each treatment room. Refer to GHS Instructions, SDS Set Up and Pictogram Labeling Instructions.
  5. Set-up your International SDS Library in (2) formats
  6. Post pictogram diagrams in your office (this is required)

Complete directions for each step can be found in the instruction sheet downloads below. Download or print and save in your preferred method when completed.

GHS Guidebook
SDS Guidebook Set-Upons
OSHA GHS Certification
Dental Product Pictogram Listing Sheets
GHS Pictogram Diagram Print and Post
OSHA Fact Sheet