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Henry Schein Choice Emergency Medication Management Program

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Simplify medical emergency readiness and control costs through the new, unique Henry Schein Intalere Choice distribution agreement DH10091 for Emergency Medication Management (EMM).

Henry Schein Choice products and services provide an automated Emergency Medication Management service with a full suite of pre-formulated STAT KIT® emergency medical kits, as well as management of medications in facility crash carts, all tracked in an online compliance portal called OnTraq. Henry Schein Choice also provides a supply of serialized DSCSA compliant single unit medications.

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Emergency Medications Management Service

  • For management of emergency medical kits or crash carts
  • Automatic medication replenishment prior to expiration through online OnTraq application
  • Compliant with current DSCSA “drug track and trace” requirements.


Ensure medical emergency readiness with the STAT KIT® emergency medical kit specifically designed for your setting. Automatic medication monitoring and replenishment prior to expiration. Predictable annual or quarterly payment plan.

EMM Dashboard

OnTraq-powered Program Management

The OnTraq online account management tool automatically updates you on each medication’s expiration dates, lot numbers, national backorder status, and upcoming medication shipment status. This is an included service with Emergency Medication Management.

How to Enroll

To participate in the Emergency Medication Management program, contact your Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant or your Intalere Account Manager. If you would like to have a Henry Schein Field Sales Consultant assigned to your account, please contact Henry Schein Customer Service at 800-472-4346

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