Custom Kitting Solutions

Contract procurement, packaging, kitting and serializing components for specialty kits and a wide variety of markets. 

HealthFirst provides custom medical kitting services for an array of customers including medical, dental, airlines, allied health, commercial and federal clients as well as other industry specific custom kitting needs.

With the implementation of legislative regulations such as the Affordable Care Act and the Drug Quality and Security Act, healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturers are experiencing increasing pressure to optimize their production, streamline operations, and improve performance in contract packaging for healthcare and safety products.  These regulatory changes have a significant impact on the packaging, repackaging, kitting, labeling and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

HealthFirst specializes in procuring, packaging, kitting and serializing components for multiple types of kits.  HealthFirst has the flexibility and responsiveness to ensure we meet all your custom kitting requirements.

Contract Manufacturing

HealthFirst provides contract manufacturing services for specialized products with proven capabilities to assist with design, regulatory compliance, procurement, packaging, assembly and distribution of serialized and unique device identifier products to meet your specific customer’s requirements.  HealthFirst provides contract manufacturing and design services for suppliers serving specialty industries such as EMS, military, law enforcement, medical device and medication supply.

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Some Industries We Serve

Device Kitting

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