Emergency Medication Management

Stat Kit 650 Two Trays

Emergency Medication Management

Never worry about outdated emergency medical kits and crash carts or receiving invoices for replacing emergency medications. HealthFirst Emergency Medication Management (EMM) offers a full suite of pre-formulated STAT KIT® emergency medical kits, as well as custom formularies for crash carts. Enrolled medications are automatically tracked in OnTraq and replenished prior to expiration.

Key Features

  • Predictable yearly fee for all-inclusive program with convenient quarterly or annual installment options
  • Automatic medication replenishment prior to expiration
  • Replenishment of used medications regardless of expiration date
  • Automatically monitor your account, medication status and national drug backorder status
  • Eases the burden of meeting applicable government and accreditation standards
  • Easily return unused medications for disposal through prepaid envelopes
  • OnTraq medication management system and compliance dashboard
  • All supplied medications fully compliant with FDA’s track and trace requirements

Program Options


Ensure medical emergency readiness with the HealthFirst STAT KIT® emergency medical kit. Designed for a range of medical settings, from the general physician to specialized clinics such as dialysis centers, radiology and imaging centers, and urgent care. At any time, you can see the status of your crash cart medications and manage your account through OnTraq.

Crash Cart EMM

Crash Cart Auto Replenishment

Get help maintaining your medical emergency crash cart by using OnTraq automated crash cart medication replenishment. OnTraq inventories your crash cart contents, tracks your emergency cart medications and equipment and automatically replenishes them before they expire. At any time in Ontraq, you can see the status of your crash cart medications and manage your account.

OnTraq-powered Program Management

The OnTraq online account management tool automatically updates you on drug expiration dates, lot numbers, national backorder status, and upcoming medication shipment status. This is an included service with the Emergency Medication Management program.

Group Purchasing Organization Contracts

HealthFirst partners with healthcare group purchasing organizations to offer distribution agreements and contracts for emergency medical readiness products and solutions.

Current Contracts

Group Purchasing Organization Contracts

Contact Me About Emergency Medication Management

Call a HealthFirst representative at 800-331-1984 or submit your information and we will contact you within one business day.