PPP Terms and Conditions

Practice Partner Program Terms and Conditions

Through the Practice Partner Program, HealthFirst keeps you up to date and ready for a medical emergency with an emergency medical kit, automatic medication replenishment, training, and other practice readiness benefits. Here are the terms of the program:

Replacement of Used Medications

The replacement of any medications used during an emergency must be reported to HealthFirst for replacement. This replacement is subject to review by HealthFirst for normal usage.

Predictable Payment Plan

The cost to maintain your emergency kit readiness for the chosen service period is subject to review at the beginning of each calendar year. Where a monthly service plan is selected credit card payment is required.
If due to national medication shortage HealthFirst must substitute an equivalent medication at an appreciably higher cost to maintain customer compliance, HealthFirst reserves the right to pass on some additional expense.

Service, Billing Commencement and Contract Period

All customers joining this program will have service under this program from the date of joining. Your initial invoice will be sent in the month that you enroll. Subsequent invoices will be sent at the start of the new service period. Service will renew automatically at the interval selected, quarterly or annually, from the date of first billing.

Customers enrolling existing emergency medical kits in the program may cancel at any time by providing HealthFirst 30 days’ notice prior to the renewal date. For cancellations of service prior to the end of an active service period, HealthFirst will not issue partial credits. Customers acquiring new emergency medical kits under the program must remain on the program for a minimum of 12 months.