Practice Partner Program

Healthfirst Emergency Medical Kit

Practice Partner Program

Fixed price on medication shipments each year. Several payment options to choose from.

Practice Partner Program

Fixed price on medication shipments each year. Several payment options to choose from.

Be Practice Ready with Predictable Payments

Customers have asked for a consistent payment plan for medications replenishment. We responded with the Practice Partner Program, offering a fixed price for all medication shipments throughout the year. Plus, no additional costs for shipping!

Predictable Annual Expense

Pharmaceutical supply chain issues can result in shorter shelf lives than expected. With the Practice Partner Program, you pay the same price no matter how frequently HealthFirst needs to replace your medications to keep you updated. Leave the worry and hassle about medications to us.


Practice Partner
Traditional Emergency
Preparedness Program
Emergency Medical Kit Purchase
Low enrollment fee followed by predictable plan

Upfront purchase price

Online Emergency Medical Kit training


Online Bloodborne pathogens training

$18.95 per person

Direct phone connection to an emergency medical physician


Replacement of Used Medications

Pay for medications used in an emergency

Shipping, Processing and Medication Disposal

$23.00 shipping, handling and disposal fees for all medication shipments

Predictable Payment Plan

Pay for medications as they expire


12 months

Always Up to Date
Auto-Replenishment Service tracks the expiration dates of medications and devices and replenishes them before expiration

Advanced Notifications
HealthFirst will provide notification before medication replenishments are shipped to you

Online Dashboard and Task Management
Access to OnTraq, HealthFirst’s practice readiness application, where you can see the status of the medications and other items in your emergency kit as well as assign and manage office tasks for your team

Payment Plans

Click on the payment plan that is right for you and fill out the information below to get started right away.
Don’t see your kit type? Call 800-331-1984 for your pricing.

SM 7$179$685
SM 10$229$885
SM 27$249$955
SM 30$299$1149
Mobile ACLS$379$1459

Yes, I want the Practice Partner Advantage

By submitting this form, you will be enrolled in this program and immediately start enjoying the program benefits detailed here. You will receive an invoice for the service period at first of next month. Read Practice Partner Program terms and conditions.

Practice Partner Advantage

Click the chat feature on this page, or call 800-331-1984 to contact a Healthfirst representative with your questions or to join the Practice Partner Program.

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