Practice Partner Program

A better way of managing your emergency medical kit and medications with additional practice readiness solutions included. All at one fixed price.

Be Practice Ready with Predictable Payments

Customers have asked for a consistent payment plan for medications replenishment. We responded with the Practice Partner Program, offering a fixed price for all medication shipments throughout the year. Plus, no additional costs for shipping!

Program Features

Multiple solutions are included to help keep you practice ready – all at no additional cost. Hover over each section of the chart below to learn more.

Reduce risks, headaches, and costs of managing emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance with OnTraq. View real-time status of your emergency medical kit and medications. Simplify your work through dashboards, reports and task management.
Smart automation tracks expiration dates of medications and refills them before expiration. Save time and gain peace of mind knowing your medications are up to date.
In a medical emergency, connect by telephone to an emergency medical physician who can guide you on care for your patient. They know which medications you have available because they are equipped with the same HealthFirst emergency medical kit as yours.
Access two online training courses valued at over $165.
Emergency Medical Kit Training covers proper use of the dental office’s basic emergency medical kit medications and devices, plus use of portable oxygen.
Bloodborne Pathogens Training provides annual OSHA training that can be completed in less than 90 minutes. Includes certificate of completion.
This software application verifies the accurate dose of medications based on patient weight. In a few quick steps, make sure you’re delivering or prescribing a safe dose.
If you use a kit medication to respond an emergency, HealthFirst will replace it at no additional cost.
This program covers all fees for shipping your regular medication replenishments. At no extra charge, each shipment includes envelopes to process and dispose of expired medications.
One fixed price covers all medication replenishments throughout the year. Emergency medications can be subject to price increases and shorter-than-expected shelf lives. You pay the same price no matter how frequently HealthFirst must replace your medications.


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