Dental Practice Readiness

Practice Readiness

Dental offices are practice ready when they are optimized around patient safety, regulatory compliance and cost effectiveness. With more than 40 years of experience in the dental industry, HealthFirst is your partner for practice readiness.

Readiness Solutions

Emergency Preparedness

HealthFirst supports almost half of all dental offices with emergency medical kits and other devices required for emergency preparedness. Whether it is a basic kit for general dentistry or Advanced Cardiac Life Support for oral surgeons, we will help ensure that you are always prepared.

Dental Waste Management

HealthFirst offers one-stop, cost-effective solutions for dental waste management covering sharps, regulated medical waste, dental mercury (amalgam), radiological waste and pharmaceutical waste.

Infection Control

HealthFirst spore testing and environmental barrier solutions ensure your practice adequately prevents the spread of infection.


HealthFirst offer several training programs ranging from emergency preparedness to bloodborne pathogens. While it is important to have an emergency medical kit, it is also important to know how to use it.

Individual Practices

Cost-effective, time-saving solutions for individual practices


Oral Surgeons

Solutions for oral surgeons practicing IV sedation

DSOs / Groups

Standardizing and automating practice readiness across multiple practices