Emergency Medical Kits for Dental Offices

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Be Prepared with an Emergency Medical Kit

Emergency Preparedness Solutions

When every second counts, be confident that you can help save a patient’s life with a HealthFirst emergency medical kit and other important supplies. Last year, HealthFirst customers addressed over 1,000 medical emergencies. We are ready to help you too.



A Kit for Every Type of Practice

HealthFirst supports over 40,000 dental offices with a variety of emergency medical kits. Whether it is a basic kit for general dentistry or Advanced Cardiac Life Support for oral surgeons, we will help ensure that you are always prepared and up to date.

ADA Member Advantage selected HealthFirst as its exclusive endorsed provider of dental emergency medical kits for ADA members.

Defibrillators (AEDs)

Automated external defibrillators, also called AEDs, are a key component of dental office emergency preparedness. HealthFirst tracks the expiration of pads and batteries and replaces them for you on time to ensure readiness.

Portable Emergency Oxygen and Resuscitation

Portable emergency oxygen with positive pressure capability is another key component of dental office emergency preparedness. HealthFirst offers portable oxygen and accessory devices to help ensure you are practice ready.

Dental Office Training Products

HealthFirst training courses help your practice to be prepared for medical emergencies and compliant with infection control regulations and requirements.


EmergencyMDAssist provides a direct phone connection to an emergency medical physician who can guide you on the emergency care for your patient.

Add EmergencyMDAssist at any time to get the peace of mind that support is a phone call away.