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Infection Control Solutions

Patients are aware of the increasing spread of infectious diseases in healthcare settings. As a dental healthcare provider, you know it’s critical to follow effective infection control practices to keep patients safe and remain compliant.

Routine, predictable spore testing keeps your staff on top of office site infection issues and ensures you’ll avoid patient impact. HealthFirst offers one-stop compliance solutions that are easy to use with our OnTraq tracking and reporting system.

Healthfirst BIOlogical Autoclave Spore Testing Solutions

HealthFirst BIOlogical Autoclave Spore Testing Solutions

The first biological monitoring service designed to make compliance with CDC guidelines simple, routine and foolproof. HealthFirst combines best-in-class spore testing solutions with the OnTraq tracking and reporting system. OnTraq’s smart automation greatly reduces the risks, headaches and costs of infection control and regulatory compliance.

Mail-In Spore Testing Solutions

  • 24/7 online access to spore test results
  • Automatic email and text alerts
  • Practice task management and reporting

In-Office Spore Testing

  • Spore growth detection in three to five hours
  • Final test results in 10 hours
  • Test documentation in OnTraq

Environmental Barriers

Single-use surface and equipment protective barriers to reduce the risk of cross contamination within the dental operatory.
Healthfirst Environmental Barriers


Time Savings

OnTraq practice readiness application helps reduce the time, headaches and risks of managing infection control in the dental practice.

Easy Access to Your Data

Have peace of mind that OnTraq provides you with 24/7 access to your automated spore test results in a convenient online interface.

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