Waste Disposal – Pharmaceutical Recovery

Pharmaceutical Waste Recovery

HealthFirst provides you with an ideal solution for the safe collection, return shipment, and destruction of non-controlled pharmaceutical waste and Schedule II-V controlled substances.

Pharmaceutical Recovery Services

DEA-compliant waste recovery and processing service for pharmaceutical waste including Schedule II-V controlled substances. Easy to manage: access an online portal to complete and print required DEA forms for your return shipment. You can either supply your own return box, or use HealthFirst-provided boxes.

Starting at $99.95

Envelope for unused medication

Envelope, Recovery Unused Medications

Safe, secure disposal of unused and expired non-controlled medications by mail through the US Postal Service. Envelopes are easy-to-use, pre-addressed and postage paid. Use intended only for healthcare practitioners that are defined as Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).