Portable Emergency Oxygen for Dental Offices

Oxygen system

Portable Emergency Oxygen

Dental office medical emergencies can happen anywhere, in places such as the waiting area or bathroom where central plumbed systems may not reach patients. HealthFirst recommends a portable emergency oxygen system that can reach patients anywhere.
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Positive-Pressure Resuscitation Capability

Many emergencies that occur in or near the dental office require positive pressure (12-15 LPM) oxygen to aid in resuscitation. Positive pressure can be provided with the combination of an oxygen source (portable cylinder) and a bag-valve-mask resuscitator or demand valve. A centrally plumbed oxygen system using H-size cylinders may not provide enough positive-pressure for resuscitation.

Healthfirst AmbuSpurII Adult
Healthfirst E Size Oxygen Cylinder

E-Size Oxygen Cylinder

The E-size cylinder in the HealthFirst Basic Emergency Oxygen System holds 680 liters, enough to provide positive pressure and help keep a patient alive for up to 30 minutes (until medical rescue can arrive).

Oxygen system

Oxygen, Complete Standard System

Starting at $289.95