Radiation Monitoring and Minimization

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instadoseTM Radiation Monitoring Dosimeter

Instant, precise, portable radiation monitoring for the digital age. The instadoseTM  dosimeter provides dose readings by using any internet-enabled computer.
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instadoseTM Radiation Monitoring Dosimeter

instadoseTM radiation monitoring gives healthcare professionals who work with x-rays a precise measurement of radiation dosage that includes accurate long-term exposure tracking. This easy-to-use dosimeter is the only accredited USB-compatible device that enables users to measure radiation dose at any time. instadose is connected to the Account Management Program (AMP), a secure online site where you can manage your radiation monitoring program. Since there’s no need to send badges to a processing center, you simplify administration and reduce long-term costs.

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Ensure Your Office Is Safe from Radiation

HealthFirst environmental product manager Bryan Foss explains why dental offices should take steps to keep their employees below OSHA radiation exposure limits.

Product Highlights


  • Small lightweight badge design: clips to clothing at waist or chest level
  • Available in four colors: blue, pink, green, black and silver
  • Initial purchase includes first-year subscription to AMP


  • Patented direct ion storage technology
  • USB compatible dosimeter providing immediate dose readings via any internet enabled computer

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum reportable dose: 3 mrem (0.03 mSv)
  • Lower limit of detection: 1 mrem (0.01 mSv)
  • Useful dose range: 3 mrem – 500 rem (0.03 mSv – 5 Sv)
  • Energy response: Photon 5 keV – 6 MeV
  • Accreditations/Approvals/Licenses: In the United States under NVLAP (lab code: 100555-0); in the UK under HSE and various other country accreditations.