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CORE Compliance Training

Simplify your team’s OSHA and HIPAA training and compliance documentation at a cost-effective price with the CORETM Compliance Training and Tools online portal.

CORE Compliance Training and Tools Features

We have discontinued offering this program.  Please see our new offering.

Online Courses

Required Annually (Meets the OSHA annual training requirement)

  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare (81 minutes)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Schools (45 Minutes)
  • Hazcom – GHS (45 Minutes)
  • DoT: RMW (41 minutes)

Required (Meets the HIPAA training requirement)

  • HIPAA (70 minutes)


  • PPE for Healthcare (25 minutes)
  • Sharps Safety (19 minutes)
  • Fire Safety (30 minutes)
  • Electrical Safety (30 minutes)
  • Hand Hygiene (20 minutes)
  • Ergonomics (25 minutes)
  • Workplace Violence (45 minutes)
  • Medicare Fraud & Abuse (76 minutes)
  • Sexual Harassment – NY (19 minutes)

Compliance Tools

Safety Plan Builder – Build all your OSHA-required safety plans in minutes.

Safety Audit Templates – Check for compliance deficiencies through step-by-step guided audits of your facility.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management – Quickly find, print, store, and organize data sheets. Search among millions.

Federal Regulations – Search current federal regulations, bookmark and add electronic notes in your online account.

ICD-10 Search and Conversion System – Transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 smoothly.

Convenience through an Online Portal

  • Simplify compliance for office managers and employees.
  • Easily assign courses, track progress, view certificates.
  • Complete courses anytime, anywhere.
  • Quickly view progress through a dashboard.

About CORE Compliance Training and Tools

Watch the video and download the brochure below to learn more about this compliance portal and preview the online courses.