Quickly determine the right dose of a medication based on a patient’s weight by using the innovative SafeDose® application.

SafeDose® Reduces Risk of Medication Dosing Errors

In just a few quick steps, SafeDose® can ensure you are prescribing or delivering a safe dose of any medication in the application’s database based on a patient’s weight. This clinical support tool provides dentists with a “peace of mind” verification that dramatically improves patient safety.

SafeDose® can be your support tool when writing prescriptions and administering injections – especially for pediatric patients. You can even look up drugs by scanning the U.S. National Drug Code (NDC) barcode of any medication using a smartphone, or tablet.

How to Access SafeDose®

SafeDose® is provided at no cost to Practice Partner program members as part of their clinical support suite. Learn more about this comprehensive, fixed-payment program for managing key areas of practice readiness.

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