OSHA State Requirements & Medical Waste Management Laws

Staying compliant requires dental facilities to understand the laws in their state(s) and keep the relevant documentation on hand at all times. Laws change frequently, so be sure to check back for the latest information from HealthFirst Compliance Solutions.

OSHA State Requirements

Listed below are specific States that have additional OSHA Requirements. If your state is not listed, you will not have additional State OSHA requirements.

  1. Hover over your state.
  2. Download the needed forms or simply click ‘Download All Forms’.
  3. Print and fill out all paperwork.
  4. Place completed paperwork in the STATE Required Paperwork Section of your OSHA Manual.

Other Important State Regulations


Includes EPA identification numbers and California Dental Association guidelines.


Roadmap to a Successful Dental Clinic presented by the Tennessee Dental Association.

West Virginia

Starting a Successful Practice presented by the New Dentist Committee of the West Virginia Dental Association.

South Carolina

A Guide to the South Carolina Infectious Waste Management Regulations.

Amalgam Separator Legislation

Amalgam separator legislation by state.

Additional OSHA & HIPAA Resources for Dentists

The CDC has provided a large repository of content covering many topics ranging from bloodborne pathogens to disinfecting environmental surfaces. Click the link below to view their full FAQs and answers. Learn more >>
Know how to safely handle contaminated laundry with this guide from OSHA. Learn more >>
Lab coats must meet the specifications provided by OSHA. Click the button below to learn more about these requirements. Learn more >>
This letter from OSHA outlines the guidelines provided for eating and drinking in a dental facility. Learn more >>
The CDC has provided guidelines for sterilization monitoring, including spore testing. Click the button below to learn more. Learn more >>

Medical Waste Management Laws by State

We’ve compiled the state laws relating to medical waste management, including sharps, pharmaceutical, chemicals and more. Click a state to view the relevant law.

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