Dentist Emergency Preparedness, Waste Management & Infection Prevention

Be prepared for an emergency with one of our pre-packaged medical kits that can be customized to accommodate pediatric and elderly patients. We also offer waste management services that could save you hundreds of dollars a year, in addition to infection prevention products and services.

Dental Products & Services

Discover our line of products and services designed to save patient lives, help you dispose of waste and prevent infection.

Emergency Preparedness

HealthFirst supports almost half of all dental offices with emergency medical kits, medications and devices. HealthFirst uses smart automation to track and replenish the kits’ medications so offices can save time, reduce costs and ensure readiness. We can also keep you up to date with AEDs, portable oxygen and other devices.

Dental Waste Management

HealthFirst offers one-stop, cost-effective solutions for dental waste management. Practices can save hundreds of dollars with our mailback services compared to medical waste pickup services.
  • Amalgam
  • Lead
  • Medical waste
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sharps

Infection Prevention

HealthFirst offers a broad portfolio of infection prevention products and services that optimize safety and efficiency. You also have access to OnTraq™ for transparency into the status of replacement components and test results.

Advancing Safety and Efficiency with OnTraq

OnTraq, HealthFirst’s cloud application, reduces the risks, headaches and costs of emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance. It dynamically shows the status of emergency medical kits and other HealthFirst solutions for a single practice or an entire DSO. Rely on OnTraq’s smart automation for dashboards, reports and task management.

Dental Training and Compliance

Now offering interactive compliance training for OSHA, HIPAA, and workplace safety. Easily manage tasks, monitor completion, and course documentation through OnTraq, our online application that uses smart automation to link directly to HealthFirst’s solutions.

One-Stop Cost-Effective Solution

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Preparedness and Prevention Solutions

Designed for standard of care and state regulations. There’s a solution for you – from general dentistry to oral surgery.
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Auto-Replenishment Service

HealthFirst tracks the expiration dates of your medications and devices and automatically replenishes them before expiration.
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HealthFirst’s cloud application uses smart automation to reduce the risks, headaches and costs of emergency preparedness, infection control, dental waste and regulatory compliance.

Satisfied Customer? Share Your Feedback

Dental clinic in Rochester, Michigan
Dental clinic in Rochester, Michigan
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Thank you for your partnership and keeping our emergency medical kit up to date for the past four years.
Dentist in Berwyn, Illinois
Dentist in Berwyn, Illinois
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As a busy dentist with a practice to run, I don't have the time to manage every little detail. I love the convenience and service provided by HealthFirst. I let them take care of the busy work.
Community College in Massachusetts
Community College in Massachusetts
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HealthFirt's auto-replenishment is a real-time saver, helping us stay up to date and prepared.
Dental practice in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Dental practice in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
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We really appreciate relying on HealthFirst. We don't have to track of items expiring in our emergency medical kit, and they even provide us with an envelope to return expired medications for disposal. It's complete system that makes our lives easier.
Great Expressions Dental Centers
Great Expressions Dental Centers
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By partnering with HealthFirst, all of our 200-plus offices are equipped with an emergency medical kit as a part of our comprehensive emergency preparedness program. We have confidence in HealthFirst’s quality assurance program, as their drug delivery system is seamless. Plus, their account support is superb.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Spokane, WA
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Spokane, WA
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I went and got my HealthFirst emergency kit and pulled it down off the shelf, flipped it open, and then I could no longer speak. I knew I was having an anaphylactic reaction to antibiotics, and that I needed epinephrine. There were two epi-pens sitting in this emergency kit! Thank you, HealthFirst!

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