Compliance Training

HealthFirst Compliance Solutions has designed these courses to help dentists stay compliant with the latest regulations and keep their staff safe.

Dental Enhancements is now HealthFirst Compliance Solutions. Have questions? Contact us at or (941) 587-2864.

Training Courses for Dental Clinics

We offer OSHA & HIPAA courses to help clients stay in line with the latest regulatory updates, as well as workplace safety courses to educate staff members. CE credits are included with certain courses.

OSHA & HIPAA Training

Keep current with the latest OSHA & HIPAA updates and get the documentation you need to help pass an inspection.

Workplace Safety

Make your employees feel safe in their environment with our workplace safety courses designed for dental clinics.

Are you compliant?

Staying up to date with the latest OSHA & HIPAA guidelines? Take our simple quiz and find out if your clinic is prepared for an audit.

Features of Our Courses

Above all else, our courses are designed to help dental clinics stay compliant while providing a convenient suite of tools to feel confident during a potential audit.

Learn Your Way

We offer guided and self-paced courses. Our coaches can also customize programs to your specific needs.

Stay Compliant, Earn CE Credits

Get the latest regulatory updates while earning valuable CE credits.

Assign and Track with OnTraq

All the information you need is available in OnTraq. Keep tabs on employees across multiple clinics and receive real-time status alerts.

Schedule a Consultation

Gain peace-of-mind and learn how to turn all current-day, OSHA and HIPAA liabilities into assets for your busy dental office. Schedule a 15-minute OSHA and HIPAA status review with one of our compliance experts at no cost to see how your office compliance checks out.

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