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Be Prepared to Save a Life

Emergency medical kit and automatic medication replenishment. We’ll help make sure you’re prepared.

PPE Now Available

Disposable isolation gowns, face masks, face shields, gloves, and more.

From general dentistry to oral surgery, HealthFirst helps you stay practice ready by cost-effectively managing the complexities around emergency preparedness, infection control, dental waste and regulatory compliance.

Whether you manage a general practice or an ambulatory surgery center, HealthFirst helps you stay ready for a medical emergency through emergency medical kits, crash cart medications management and compliance tools.

Automate Your Readiness Program Through OnTraq

Simplify readiness for your dental or medical facility through smart automation. You can rely on OnTraq-powered auto-replenishment to ensure that your medications and devices are up to date.  Save time with OnTraq’s online reports, updates, tasking and compliance management.

The HealthFirst Difference

HealthFirst has served dental and medical customers for more than 40 years. Today over 50,000 facilities rely on us to manage their medications, devices and other readiness solutions.  As your partner, HealthFirst will keep you up to date and ready while saving you time and money through smart automation.

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Medical & Commercial Facilities

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Individual Emergency Medications

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