Waste Disposal Compliance Services – Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste Recovery

Ideal solution for the safe collection, return shipment and destruction of unused and partially used non-controlled pharmaceutical waste via a mailback service. Per local, state and federal environmental regulations, unused and partially used pharmaceutical waste should not be disposed of in the trash, flushed down the toilet or placed down the drain. These items will have a negative environmental impact unless they are properly recovered and destroyed through an approved processing facility.

An Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Dispose of Pharmaceutical Waste

Simply place your pharmaceutical waste into one of our pre-addressed and postage paid return kits and give the kit to UPS for return shipment to our processing facility approved for the destruction of pharmaceutical waste.

Healthfirst Office onTraq 2

OnTraq Simplifies Pharmaceutical Waste Management

OnTraq practice readiness application helps to greatly reduce the time, headaches and risks of managing pharmaceutical waste in the dental practice. You’ll know the status of your mailback shipments and have online access to waste processing certifications and compliance reporting.
Healthfirst Office onTraq 2