Emergency Medications
Keep your kit or crash cart medications
always up to date through OnTraq
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Honeywell N95
Medical Respirator
High fluid-resistant and NIOSH-certified
with dual-welded straps.
$31.99 per box of 20.
Sani-Cloth® Prime
Germicidal Wipes
Large, 160 Count
One-minute kill time
Protect your patients and staff
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OnTraq Compliance & Readiness

HealthFirst’s application reduces the risks, headaches, and costs of managing emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance.


STAT KIT® Emergency Medical Kits

STAT KIT® emergency medical kits with automatic replenishment service for a variety of ambulatory medical settings, including physician practices, surgery centers, commercial enterprise and aviation. OnTraq monitors and automatically replaces expiring medications, so your STAT KIT® is always ready for a medical emergency.

Crash Cart Auto-Replenishment​

Crash Cart Medication Auto-Replenishment

Get help with the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of maintaining your medical emergency crash cart drugs with OnTraq automated crash cart medication replenishment. OnTraq inventories your crash cart contents and automatically replenishes them before they expire.

Unit Dose Emergency Medication

Buy medications from HealthFirst in low units of measure rather than in bulk. As a licensed wholesaler, HealthFirst offers emergency medications in single units to minimize wasted product.

Emergency Medication Management Program

Preparation, the right equipment, and the right medications save lives. HealthFirst helps medical facilities be ready through our Emergency Medication Management program.

EMR Chart
Ontraq Devices

Account and Compliance Management With OnTraq

OnTraq online compliance and account management tool automatically updates you on drug expiration dates, lot numbers, national backorder status, and upcoming medication shipment status. OnTraq is an included service when enrolled in the Emergency Medication Management program.

About HealthFirst Medical

Since 1970, we have been providing STAT KITS® and emergency medications that are trusted by physician practices, medical specialty centers, the armed forces and commercial aviation to keep them ready for a medical emergency. Formerly known as Banyan, we are registered with the FDA, DEA and have Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distribution (VAWD) accreditation from the National Boards of Pharmacy.

Satisfied Customer? Share Your Feedback

Dental clinic in Rochester, Michigan
Dental clinic in Rochester, Michigan
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Thank you for your partnership and keeping our emergency medical kit up to date for the past four years.
Dentist in Berwyn, Illinois
Dentist in Berwyn, Illinois
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As a busy dentist with a practice to run, I don't have the time to manage every little detail. I love the convenience and service provided by HealthFirst. I let them take care of the busy work.
Community College in Massachusetts
Community College in Massachusetts
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HealthFirt's auto-replenishment is a real-time saver, helping us stay up to date and prepared.
Dental practice in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Dental practice in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
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We really appreciate relying on HealthFirst. We don't have to track of items expiring in our emergency medical kit, and they even provide us with an envelope to return expired medications for disposal. It's complete system that makes our lives easier.
Great Expressions Dental Centers
Great Expressions Dental Centers
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By partnering with HealthFirst, all of our 200-plus offices are equipped with an emergency medical kit as a part of our comprehensive emergency preparedness program. We have confidence in HealthFirst’s quality assurance program, as their drug delivery system is seamless. Plus, their account support is superb.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Spokane, WA
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Spokane, WA
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I went and got my HealthFirst emergency kit and pulled it down off the shelf, flipped it open, and then I could no longer speak. I knew I was having an anaphylactic reaction to antibiotics, and that I needed epinephrine. There were two epi-pens sitting in this emergency kit! Thank you, HealthFirst!

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