HealthFirst Videos

First Aid Kit Overview

HealthFirst Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Don Cohen explains why dental practices should keep their first aid kits up to date.

How to Administer Epinephrine from a Vial or Ampule

This video describes how to administer epinephrine from a vial or ampule when an auto-injector is not available.

How Dentists Can Be Prepared For A Medical Emergency

HealthFirst Advisory Board Member Dr. John Graham explains the ADA-endorsed guidelines on practice readiness to respond to a medical emergency in the office.

Overview of EPA Amalgam Rule

HealthFirst’s Chief Clinical Officer Don Cohen gives an overview of the federal amalgam separation law (EPA Amalgam rule) and how dental practices can prepare for it.

Your Partner in Dental Practice Readiness

For more than 45 years, HealthFirst has helped dental practices optimally manage all areas of practice readiness, including safety, dental waste, infection control and compliance.

Preparing an Orthodontist Office for a Patient Medical Emergency

Salt Lake City Orthodontist Dr. John Graham, DDS, MD, explains how orthodontists can properly estimate their risk of a medical emergency in their office. A member of the HealthFirst Medical Advisory Board, he outlines the four essential elements of preparedness.

SM Series Emergency Medical Kit

SM Series basic emergency medical kits are designed to prepare the general dental practice for medical emergencies and compliance with state regulations and the standard of care.

OnTraq Smart Automation

OnTraq, HealthFirst’s practice readiness application, reduces the risks, headaches and costs of emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance. Rely on OnTraq’s smart automation for readiness dashboards, reports and task management.

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

HealthFirst Advisory Board member Dr. Stanley Malamed explains why epinephrine auto-injectors are critically important.

SM-Z Adds Mobility and Organization

View a product video tour of the SM-Z Emergency Medical Kit.

Enable Rapid Response With Mobile ACLS

View a product video tour of the Mobile ACLS Emergency Medical Kit.

OnTraq Automates Your Practice Readiness Program

HealthFirst’s application reduces the risks, headaches, and costs of managing emergency preparedness and regulatory compliance. If you’re a HealthFirst customer and you’ve never used OnTraq, there’s an account waiting for you. Simply register and you’ll have access.

OnTraq Account Settings and Homepage Navigation

Learn how to log in, adjust account settings, add and edit team members, and navigate the homepage.

HealthFirst OnTraq Medications and Devices

Learn how to view and report on your HealthFirst emergency medical kit, medications, devices, and auto-replenishment shipment status.

HealthFirst OnTraq Biological Monitoring

Learn how OnTraq automatically stores spore test results for your autoclaves with functionality that can help you save time and eliminate manual tasks.

OnTraq Waste Management

Learn about tracking HealthFirst’s Waste Managerment services with OnTraq.

OnTraq Task Management Tool

Learn how to minimize manual work and manage office tasks with OnTraq’s easy-to-use task management tool.

Automatic Replenishment Shipments

Learn about the replenishment process, which ensures your kit stays up to date.