Dental Waterline Treatment

Dental Unit Waterline

Ensure that your dental waterline quality exceeds CDC and ADA guidelines. HealthFirst’s comprehensive waterline testing and treatment solution can be tailored to your dental office needs.

The Need for Safe Dental Water

Dental professionals and patients are becoming more focused on dental waterline safety since mycobacterium outbreaks have been in the national news.

The CDC and ADA recommend that all dental units should use systems that treat water to meet EPA regulatory standards for drinking water, commonly defined as ≤ 500 CFU/mL of heterotrophic water bacteria. Additionally, states like California and Washington are updating infection control regulations.

Waterline Testing, Treatment and Tracking

Be confident that your dental unit waterlines are safe from odor-causing bacteria and exceed current CDC and ADA guidelines with HealthFirst’s dental waterline testing and treatment solutions. HealthFirst has integrated leading testing and treatment product with OnTraq to provide automated water test reporting, results archiving, tracking and replenishment.

Agenics Labs Mail-In Water Test Kit

Testing is an important step to determine the best course of waterline treatment. The Agenics Labs dental waterline test kit makes it easy to collect and submit samples. Results from Agenics Labs are automatically uploaded to OnTraq for easy tracking, reporting an archiving.

Sterisil Straw V2

Sterisil Straw V2

Sterisil Straw V2 treats water to <10 CFU/ml for 365 days2, eliminating the hassle of daily tablets or drops. Built-in shock treatment kills pre-existing bacteria through automatic release. Installation and replacement take only one minute with its easy-to-use Luer Lock fitting.

RapidCheck™ 24 Hour Mail-In Dental Water Testing

Express 24-hour Mail-in Dental water test, the next evolution of mail-in dental unit water testing. Refined and perfected cytometric process catches a wider spectrum of bacteria compared to other test methods. Certified third-party lab report. Results are automatically uploaded to OnTraq. 

Citrisil™ All-in-One Tablet

Citrisil tablets can treat water to <10 CFU/ml, which is 50 times lower than current CDC and ADA guidelines1. This all-in-one tablet system includes both the shock and daily maintenance tablets. With Citrisil, you can eliminate the need to empty bottles and purge lines at the end of each day.

Citrisil Shock Tablets

Citrisil Shock tablet is an enhanced version of Citrisil and Citrisil Blue tablets. The shock tablet is intended to be used once for every 20 Citrisil or Citrisil blue tablets or once a month (whichever comes first).

MyCheck™ in-Office Dental Water Test

MyCheck screens dental unit waterlines for bacteria and provides an estimated heterotrophic plate count (HPC) to indicate probable compliance with the CDC & EPA guidelines of ≤500CFU/mL.

White bottle of Sterisil

Sterisil™ BioFree Antimocrobial Bottle

Sterisil antimicrobial bottles suppress the growth of bacteria on their surfaces. Available in 0.7 and 2-liter sizes.

1. Per EPA Label 83315-1

2. Per EPA Label 83315-2 

Always Up To Date

Healthfirst Auto Replenishment Icon

Auto-Replenishment Service

HealthFirst’s Auto-Replenishment Service uses smart automation to track the replacement cycles of water treatment products and automatically replenish them on time. Dental offices benefit by lowering costs, saving time and gaining peace of mind.

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HealthFirst’s practice readiness application reduces the risks, headaches and costs of infection control and regulatory compliance. It dynamically records and displays your water test results as well as the inventory status of water testing and treatment supplies.
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Waterline Testing and Treatment E-Book

Ensure your dental unit waterlines are safe from harmful bacteria. HealthFirst offers a simple way to automate a testing and treatment program.

Dental Waterline Treatment

Ensure that your dental waterline quality exceeds CDC and ADA guidelines. HealthFirst’s comprehensive waterline testing and treatment solution can be tailored to your dental office needs.