How to Order an Emergency Medical Kit from GSA Advantage! (

Ordering something from the General Services Administration (GSA) can be a straightforward process, especially if you’re a federal agency or an eligible organization. The GSA offers a wide range of products and services, including office supplies, technology, and furniture. However, they also offer emergency medical kits by HealthFirst, including our line of basic and advanced kits to help government facilities prepare for emergencies and save lives.

Let’s run through the basic ordering process to get you started on

Determine Eligibility

Ensure that you are eligible to order from the GSA. Generally, eligible customers include federal agencies, state and local governments, tribal organizations, and other authorized entities. Check GSA’s eligibility criteria on their website to confirm your status. While on their website, use the search tool to find your entity in their database.


If you haven’t already, register your organization with the System for Award Management (SAM). This is a prerequisite for doing business with the federal government, including the GSA. Register at

Understand Your Needs

Consult with internal stakeholders if needed to determine which emergency medical kit from HealthFirst would be right for your facility. You can download our brochures for each kit or connect with our team to learn more about your options. Additionally, you’re able to browse our selection of kits and pricing on the GSA Advantage! website while considering your options.

Place an Order or Request a Quote

Purchase through the GSA website if you prefer or we can assist you through the entire buying process. Depending on the value and complexity of your purchase, it may be worth having a conversation with a member of the HealthFirst Government team to receive a personalized quote. Click the button below to get started.

Order Tracking and Delivery

Track your order’s status and expected delivery date through the GSA PO Portal or request this information from your HealthFirst representative. Make sure the delivery meets your specifications and is complete. Items are typically shipped within 48 hours as long as all necessary shipping information has been received and barring any issues with backordered items. Should any complications arise, a representative from HealthFirst will contact you.

Final Thoughts and Other Product Lines

Remember that GSA procurement rules and regulations can be complex, so consult with your organization’s procurement or acquisition team for additional guidance. HealthFirst’s team is also at your disposal to answer any questions or help guide your decision.

In addition to our trauma kits, we also offer sharps/medical waste mailback services and air purification systems. Call us at (325) 734-5886 or send us an email at for assistance or to learn more about our entire product lineup for government entities.

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