Physiologic Monitors

Colin M30 Patient Monitor

Colin® M30 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor with EtCO2

A compact and portable patient monitor that includes real-time monitoring and up to 96 hours tablular trend collection for ECG, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, SpO2, Temperature and ETCO2/Capnography (End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide)


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Colin YM1000 Vital signs Monitor

Colin® YM1000 Vital Signs Monitor

Easy-to-operate portable vital signs monitor. Provides pulse rate, NIBP, Neilcor™ SpO2 & Temperature. Includes printer, battery and temperature probe.


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SPO2 PEDI,Finger Pulse Oximeter, Pediatric


Finger Pulse Oximeter, Pediatric


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Finger Pulse Oximeter, Adult


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